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‘I guess we have to treat them, but horizontal ellipsis’: health care provider perspectives on the management of women presenting with unsafe abortion in Botswana

Maternal mortality due to unsafe abortion and its complications stands among the three leading causes of maternal death in Botswana. Health care providers (HCPs) including doctors and nurses are at the frontline of providing care to women who have had an unsafe abortion. This qualitative study explored the knowledge, attitudes and perceptions of HCPs towards unsafe abortion in Botswana.

Too poor or too far? Partitioning the variability of hospital-based childbirth by poverty and travel time in Kenya, Malawi, Nigeria and Tanzania

In sub-Saharan Africa, women are most likely to receive skilled and adequate childbirth care in hospital settings, yet the use of hospital for childbirth is low and inequitable. The poorest and those living furthest away from a hospital are most affected. But the relative contribution of poverty and travel time is convoluted, since hospitals are often located in wealthier urban places and are scarcer in poorer remote area. This study aims to partition the variability in hospital-based childbirth by poverty and travel time in four sub-Saharan African countries.